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           Please Copy your clothes size following and you can adjust your new suits size for a bigger or smaller if you like to do by your self please link this page at YouTube VIDEO How to duplicate size your own clothes and input your size to the form below on this page for Jacket, Pants, Shirt, Vest, Skirt and Overcoat and you can do both for Ladies & Gents.or if you are need a new measuring Size for your self.please going to (Men's Order form) on the left tool hand.then checking following the picture same as same this page. and you will seeing the different that you can chioce to measure in your convenience.Now Please look at the picture Measurement Form below and make a copy measure your size following the picture pattern that is will be not wrong for fitting on your beautiful body well. then send your size to Thanks


Name:      (* require)

E-mail:     (* require)


Please Select Your Sholder Style:



Please Select Style nearest to your figure

Normal Posture
Forward Stoop
Forward Stomach

Suit Style :
Material :  
  Please type the color or color number of fabric :
  ** To preview color or material fabric CLICK HERE
Button style :  
** To preview Button Styles
Collar style :  
  Please lay the jacket, pant, shirt on the Desk or the ground floor. Figured all buttons of your own jacket, shirt, pant then measure following the picture below step by step by yourself. I am sure that your new suits pants,and shirts it will fitting you well. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or telephone. You can use ruler or tape measure for this measurement form And fore the Jacket measurement side if it is possible. please give us your real body measure size on the Chest,Hips Stomach and Waist to making ensure is not be wrong size for you then you can wearing this new beautiful suits well.  

(a) Front across
Measure across one side seam to an other one side seam Between half way from top and bottom of sleeve amrpit of jacket like the picture guide.

(b/Chest) Under arm wide
Take the sleeve up, Half way across and measure from one side to another side under the arm widest.

(c) Stomach
Half way across body of Jacket and Measure from one side to an other side.(if you are big belly measure at bigest line)'s

(d) Sleeve Length
Measure from shoulder seam to the end of cuff design sleeve of jacket like the picture.

(e) Hips Full end to end
Half way across and Measure from one side to the other side of Hips like the picture
  (f) Bottom
Half way across and Measure from one side to the other side of the bottom Jacket
(g) Front Jacket Length
Measure from top of highest shoulder point down to the bottom of jacket.



(h) Full Shoulder
Measure from end shoulder side across to an other side of shoulder of Jacket like the picture. picture

(i) Back across
Measure one seam to one
other seam Between at middle of vertical line connecting top and bottom of sleeve amrpit of jacket like the picture guide.

(j) Jacket length
Measure from under the collar seam to the bottom of your jacket length.


Please use the text box to make any comments regarding your selections, quantity, suit accessories, etc.

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